Roberto Mulieri, Landscaper (68), was born in Vicente López, Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina. He studied teacher training and later he started his tertiary studies, Gardening College at the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences in Buenos Aires' University.

He studied the theory of shape and color in depth, in Tomo-No-Kai, dependant of Kioto's Golden Temple, and he prefers to regard himself as self-taught.

Mulieri created and directed Siempreverde School of Landscaping for many years. He was a lecturer in seminars and conferences in Argentina and abroad; also he published articles in specialized magazines and newspapers. He coordinated Landscape National Symposiums in 1983 and until 1989 he lectured seminars and conferences in different regions, with the main objective of revealing the landscape identity of each place from a sociological perspective.

He is a founder member of RAP, (Argentinean Landscape Net) and Presided the Nodes Federation of such Net (2008/2011).

He is currently member of the Board of Directors and Coordinator of the National Landscape Observatory Sub-Commission.

Mulieri was a defender and protector of the shore of the River Plate in Vicente López. More than 2000 works dedicated to defend the cultural and natural heritage, the tangible and the intangible, and the perception of the landscape from the environmental perspective.
Year Description
2017, November Invitado como disertante al 
"Pensar y Sentir el Paisaje, un compromiso impostergable"
Quindio, Colombia. 15/20 Noviembre 2017.
2017, September Invitado como disertante al
Universidad de Costa Rica. 18/24 Setiembre 2017
2017, May Participante / coordinador del
8º Encuentro Nacional de la Red Argentina del Paisaje
"El Paisaje Sustentable Como Motor del Turismo y del Desarrollo Local"
26 y 27 de Mayo 2017.
2016, May Coordinator of the 7th National Meeting of the Argentinean National Landscape Net "3 Days Reflecting on the legal frame and productive landscape"·
Tucumán, Argentina
2015, October Latin American Landscape Initiative Meeting / Legal Node Coordinator
La Paz, Bolivia
2015, October Science and Awareness of Landscape/ IFLA Americas
La Paz, Bolivia
2015, July "Pilar Style" Member of the Jury
Buenos Aires, Argentina
2015, May Coordinator of the 6th National Meeting of the Argentinean National Landscape Net
University of Palermo, Buenos Aires, Argentina
2014, June Speaker at Latin American Landscape Initiative/ Landscape Observatories
Buenos Aires, Argentina
2014, June "Thought and Action"
Landscape Architects Association
51st International Congress
Buenos Aires, Argentina
2014, May Speaker Landscape - Urbe
Buenos Aires, Argentina
2014 Speaker in "Pilar Style Trends"
Buenos Aires - Argentina

2012, Sep. 10,11 y 12

Conference "A retrospective visión of Siempreverde studio's work"                                     
Landscape design seminar "Primavera Blanca". (White Spring)
Villa La Angostura. Argentina.

2012, September 5

Conference: “Landscape Design and the geographical regions”.
Garden Sur Group. Montevideo, Uruguay.

2012, July

Conference: “Landscape Design and the geographical regions”.
Argentinean Consulate, Colonia, Uruguay.

2012, July

Conference: “Landscape Watchers, a Landscape Argentinean Net strategy” . 2nd Round Table about Regional Landscape Identity”
Los Cardales, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2012, June

Landscape Metropoli 6: “Dialogue among three rivers”
Palermo University, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2011, October

Paisajes Emergentes Emerging Landscapes. IFLA's Regional Congress. Americas.
Foundation Pablo Atchugarry, Maldonado, Uruguay.

2010, October

Conference: The perception of the site and the landscape design” Paisaje Patagonia – San Martín de los Andes, Argentina.

2010, Agosto 21

Conference: Encounter of the two Cultures”
Organized by Devnet Pavillion y Shangai Landscape Design Committee of Garden Green Industry Association. Shangai - China.

2010, July 28, 29 y 30

Forum about reduction of risks of disasters- Organized by: United Nations UNISDR, UN-HABITAT, Gobiernos Locales por la Sustentabilidad (ICLEI) (Local Governments in favour of sustainability) and Development Network Association (DEVNET). Universal Exibition Shangai 2010 - China.

2009, September

Master Class in the 2nd National Encounter of the Argentinean Landscape Netl Universidad Nacional – Mendoza, Argentina.

2009, August

Conference: The perception of the site and the landscape design” Palermo University, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2009, June

Conference: “The Landscape is printed in their peoples' activities” Palermo University, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2009, May

FUNDAPAS: “Art and Landscape, pieces of art support environmental and landscape values
Foundation Pablo Atchugarry, Maldonado, Uruguay.

2008, April

Theme Observatory Metropoli Conference: “Landscape and City”
Palermo University, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2007, November

30 years Retrospective Show of Siempreverde's Works in Centro Cultural Recoleta, Buenos Aires, called; “Siempreverde, 30 years discovering sites and inventing spaces".

2006, August Seminar-Workshop “The Earth” Montevideo, Uruguay
2006 Seminar-Workshop in Escuela Lic. Delia Caminotti, Province of Córdoba - Villa del Lago.
2005 Participative Forum “Sustainable Development of the area of José Ignacio”, Uruguay.
2005 Attended and Chairman/ IFLA World Congress “Water, Life in the landscape” Lima - Perú.
2005 Lecturer at “ Landscape Integral Congress” Province of Córdoba, Argentina.
2005, June Seminar on landscape design at Garden Club Argentino in Buenos Aires
2004, September IV National Congress of Grupo Jardín
2004, June

Regional Conference 2004 IFLA Western Region- “Horizons” in Buenos Aires


Opening Conference “Preservation of the natural landscape and sustainable development” in VI Argentinean Architectural Landscape Congress, Rosario, Province of Santa Fe, Argentina.

2002 Lecture in Cantegril Country, Club Punta del Este and retrospective show of the studio's works.
2000, October

Participant/ 37th IFLA World Congress (International Federation of Landscape Architects) in San José, Costa Rica.

1999, Sept/Oct

Project, organization and production, together with Diseñadores Asociados (Associate Designers) of the show “Paisajes Efímeros” about theme gardens- supplies and academic activities in Buenos Aires Design, Recoleta.

1998, October

Organizer/Lecturer at Seminar “Landscape Architecture on the Verge of the Third Millennium”, Buenos Aires Design, Recoleta.

1998, July

Lecturer/ “1st Seminar about dynamic landscaping” from Integral Taller de Arquitectura in Buenos Aires.

1998, June

Lecturer, Landscaper in “Vida-Country 1998”, Buenos Aires

1998-2007, Jan/Feb Director of “Parque de la Percepción” show, Las Cumbres, Punta del Este, Uruguay.
1997, October

Exhibitor at 7th International Biennial of Architecture in Buenos Aires. Organized by National Museum of Fine Arts and CAYC.

1997, October

Participant and Lecturer at 34th IFLA World Congress (International Federation of Landscape Architects in Buenos Aires

1997, September

Lecturer in the landscape conferences “Jardín abierto”, (Open Garddens) organizad by theFaculty of Acriculture, U.B.A., in Viedma, Carmen de Patagones. Topic: “Recovery of the native landscape on the River Uruguay's coast”.

1996, October

Lecturer “Sculptures in the Landscape” organizad by theFaculty of Acriculture, U.B.A., in the Escuela Superior de Jardinería, Juan O. Hall. (Juan O. Hall Gardening School).

1996, May/June

Lecturer in Landscapers boards in Mercoflor'96, in Sociedad Rural de Palermo about “Landscape Preservation and Design”.

1995, November

Lecturer at conferences “Landscaping and its professionals in Argentina”, in the Chamber of Deputies (Audiences Room), organized by the Argentinean Landscapers Society and the Landscape Architects Centre.

1995, August/October

Presenting the 20 years Retrospective Show of Siempreverde's Works in Buenos Aires Design, Recoleta, Buenos Aires, called; “Siempreverde, 20 years discovering sites and inventing spaces”.

1992, July

Professor at the Seminar- Workshop for Architects about “Proyectación del paisaje”, (Projecting the Landscape) presented by Mr. Jorge Glusber at CAYC (Art and Communication Centre), Buenos Aires.

1990, June

Attended Conferences “Vicente López's ecological problematic situation” Organizad by Casa de la Provincia in Buenos Aires and Buenos Aires' Health Ministry.

1990, January

Talk at Cantegril Country Club in Punta del Este. Topic:”Punta del Este, preservation or destruction of the landscape?”.

1989, July/August

“The landscape-environment projection” Course at Maldonado Architects' Society, in Maldonado and Punta del Este, Uruguay.


Coordinator of Multi-sector Board in defence of Vicente López's coast.


Coordinator at MCBA School for teacher training and proficiency in “ Environment education”.


Lecturer/ Coordinator at the “4th Conferences of Urban Forestry” in Cutralco, Plaza Huincul, Neuquén, Argentina.


Coordinator at seminar “Teachers and their relationship with the environment” Organized by Dirección Gral. De Ordenamiento y Gestión del Medio Ambiente de la Municipalidad de Bs. As


Participant and Lecturer at “3rd Conferences of Urban Forestry” in Andacollo and Huingango, Neuquén, Argentina.

1986, September

Participant at the “2nd Spanish-American Congress about solid waste “ organized by ATEGRUS and coordinated by CEAMSE and AIDIS, in the Centro Cultural General San Martín in Buenos Aires. (Cultural Centre)

1985, June Coordinador del "Seminario taller de formación paisajístico-ambiental", auspiciado por la Secretaría de Vivienda y Ordenamiento Ambiental y la Administración de Parques Nacionales, en el Centro Cultural Ciudad de Bs.As.

Coordinator of the “First Landscape Conferences in Río Cuarto ‘85”. Río Cuarto, Province of Córdoba.


Coordinator of “Landscapers Meeting” , organized by the Organizing Committee for the National Congress about Landscape at CAYC , Art and Communication Centre

1983, October

President of the executive comission for the “1st Congress about Landscaping”, sponsored by: Sociedad Central de Arquitectos, Subsecretaría de Medio Ambiente de la Nación and Municipalidad de San Isidro, Province of Buenos Aires.
Conference Presenter and Lecturer about “ Landscape, Landscaping, Plant Decoration and its contradictions”

1983, August

Participated as a special guest at the “1st Conferences of Urban Forestry”, organized by Municipalidad de la ciudad de Bs. As., Dirección de Paseos, in Teatro Municipal Gral. San Martín.

1980-1983 Teacher at Escuela MOBI, Buenos Aires. (Dictated curriculum below)

Author of curriculum programmes, Professor and Headmaster at the Escuela de Paisajismo Siempreverde. (Siempreverde Landscaping School)
Dictated Courses on:
“Patios, Balconies and Terraces”
“Parks and Gardens”
“Interior Plants”
“Introduction to Landscaping”
“Landscaping Architecture”, together with Architect Blanca Fabricant, teacher at Facultad de Arquitectura y Urbanismo (Architecture and Urbanism Faculty), La Plata, and Architect José G. Torres Arroyo, teacher at Facultad Arquitectura (Architecture Faculty) UBA (University of Buenos Aires)